About us

Jacksons lettings and sales is an independent estate agent that trades in East London and Essex.

The aim at Jacksons Lettings and Sales is to ensure that every client is successful, whether it be buying and selling or renting and lettings, we aim to make the transition as easy as possible whilst providing an outstanding level of services. We are not a huge franchise who have a script to read from when dealing with customers, and our concern is not how many figures we have over our competitors, our focus is our clients, and ensuring they have had the best experience whilst using us to manage their property transitions.

We also believe that we are a modern twist on an old industry; a quick search will reveal that many estate agents are stuck in the dark ages, paper based filing systems, taking notes on paper (only to have to copy them back onto a computer later), not maintaining an already outdated and unusable website which doesn't display on mobile devices, the list goes on... At Jacksons Lettings and Sales we have invested and more importantly are not afraid of technology, which enables us to get the job done faster and more efficiently, leaving us with copious amounts of time to focus on you and your requirements.

Why are we different?
Jacksons Lettings and Sales is your personal agent, we make every effort to match your requirement(s), whether you are looking for a two bedroom flat, a short term executive let or a five bedroom house in the country. We are totally focused on offering you the best service at the most competitive price and the experience we have is invaluable whether you are thinking of letting a property for the first time, looking to invest or are simply looking for somewhere to rent.